NayaOne reaches 100 Fintechs on their Transformation Marketplace

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Rachelle Palmer

Growth and Innovations Manager

London, UK (April 2022), NayaOne, the largest integrated fintech marketplace in the UK and Europe has reached a milestone of 100 fintech providers on the marketplace.
The Marketplace is accessed by hundreds of financial institutions looking to work with fintechs and datasets to accelerate their business transformation and build ecosystems with the right partners. Working with fintechs allows institutions to build products and meet customer needs much faster and allows fintechs to be discovered by the enterprise buyers in the most efficient manner.
NayaOne’s single access platform helps institutions to navigate the vast list of fintechs and they are able to discover, evaluate and scale to production with them. NayaOne’s marketplace milestone announcement is a critical point for the industry, enabling innovation and partnership within the financial services sector at scale.
Firms looking to build their ecosystem of fintechs and partners leverage the marketplace as a single door to access the best fintechs have to offer, with data to evaluate the capability fit. This strategic capability enables firms to bring products to market much faster at a much lower price point.

A recent BCG survey of CIO change budgets for 2022 suggests 15% spend on regulatory change, 65% mandatory spend to upgrade the tech stack and value add spend at 20%. Value add ranged from 5-60%.

Fintechs can solve all of these challenges but tend to focus on reinventing the existing stack and delivering the value add, through data and UX.
Scaling the NayaOne Marketplace is one of the core value propositions and strategic fintech infrastructure for financial institutions, who are looking to access the best technology products to transform their business.
Karan Jain
CEO of NayaOne
NayaOne is set to release their public version accessible to anyone wanting to build financial products later this year. Send us a message to get on the marketplace and register for the launch.

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