NayaOne provides the ideal ESG marketplace for choosing the best product to fit any operation and gives you the ability to test any use case in a secure environment.

Discover how to achieve success and proven results in any ESG initiative with NayaOne.

What does the ESG marketplace by NayaOne offer?


Access to best-in-class technologies

Build and launch with the same services that grow the best technologies. We help you discover, evaluate, and go to market with the best products in the market.


One commercial contract to multiple suppliers

Unlock all of the capabilities that you need in order to take new propositions to market by using just one connection to a multitude of reliable vendors.


Fully integrated and vetted marketplace

Shorten discovery and evaluation times to just a matter of weeks instead of having to invest long months, resulting in optimal responsiveness and efficiency.

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NayaOne Usecases

What ESG scenarios can you perfect through NayaOne’s ESG marketplace?

Carbon Calculation

Help your retail and commercial customers understand their carbon footprints and offer offsetting to them.

Detailed Reporting

Ensure you are compliant with all of your ESG reporting from your loan book to physical assets.

Risk Management

Understand your risk due to ESG by reviewing your underwriting of both loans and insurance policies.

Data and analytics

Create new ESG products or investment strategies based on accurate ESG data and insightful analytics.