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In the modern financial landscape, creating and fostering a culture of collaboration and rapid prototyping is essential to stay on top of trends and competitors. NayaOne’s innovative platform for hosting a Hackathon empowers you to conduct impactful hackathons that drive engagement, accelerate problem-solving, and unlock groundbreaking solutions.
Hackathon Platform

What makes NayaOne’s platform for hosting a hackathon unique?

Seamless collaboration

Our platform fosters a collaborative environment with features like chat, team formation tools, and a digital sandbox, enabling teamwork, idea sharing, and co-creation.

Global tech ecosystem

Engage with the brightest minds in the industry. Benefit from our network of tech companies to explore cutting-edge solutions through a streamlined hackathon experience.

Open innovation marketplace

Drive innovation with our marketplace featuring over 1500+ APIs and 300+ datasets. Access the resources needed to bring ideas to life and build prototypes quickly.

Experience the power of NayaOne hackathons

Users from 80+ Financial Services Institutions, Industry Bodies, and Regulators.
financial institutions
50 +
active users
1500 +
completed projects
100 +
400 +

Themes we support​


Environmental, Social, and Governance

Digital assets

Financial crime


Central Bank Digital Currency
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Embedded Insurance

Women’s economic empowerment

Financial inclusion

and many more!

Benefits of hosting a hackathon with NayaOne


Brand awareness

Gain industry recognition through platform branding, marketing support, and speaking opportunities at hackathon events.


Crowd-sourced solutions

Access a wealth of ideas and talent. Leverage user feedback and problem statement themes to source innovative solutions.


Lead generation

Expand your reach and connect with tech professionals. Generate leads through platform branding and social media exposure.

Our hackathon collaborations: A glimpse into success

RBIH Swanari TechSprint​


Empowering women-owned enterprises
Hosted through our Hackathon-as-a-Service platform, this hackathon brought together FinTech companies, financial service providers, innovators, and subject matter experts from across the industry. The collaborative environment enabled participants to co-create solutions that specifically addressed the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs.


Seven problem statements and two dedicated event tracks focused on women’s economic empowerment


38 pre-formed companies joined, with an additional 6 new teams forming organically on the platform


The hackathon fostered a spirit of innovation, resulting in the development of prototype solutions that can potentially have a significant positive impact on women-owned enterprises
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Tackling financial exclusion challenges
This hackathon focused on developing solutions to bridge the financial inclusion gap. Participants from various sectors within the financial industry leveraged NayaOne’s platform to collaborate and address real-world problems.


Problem statements focused on critical areas like coping with cancer and preventing a poverty premium


168 participants representing companies like Mastercard and PayPal, alongside leading FinTech brands


The hackathon yielded 13 completed projects, with 2 evolving into fully-fledged businesses. Additionally, participants gained valuable mentorship from industry leaders across the finance, technology, and social impact sectors
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