Digital Assets

Discover the future of finance and how digital asset solutions change how we create, manage, and exchange value in the digital age.

What does NayaOne’s marketplace for digital asset solutions offer?


Access to best-in-class technologies

Discover, evaluate, and leverage the same reliable and trusted services that the best technologies leverage to build your solutions and go to market.


One commercial contract to multiple suppliers

Leverage a single contract with multiple stakeholders to access all the tools and capabilities you need to take your new propositions to market.


Fully integrated and vetted marketplace

All our solutions are fully vetted and integrated, which means you can shorten discovery and evaluation times to just a matter of weeks instead.

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NayaOne Usecases

What are the real-world applications for NayaOne’s digital asset solutions?

Asset tokenisation

Imagine how tokenisation, the process of turning the ownership rights for an asset into a digital token, can help own digital assets on the blockchain. It creates a digital form that can be divided, traced and moved with security.

Crypto data analytics

Consider data providers who give information about metrics such as market depth, slippage and bid-ask measures to assess liquidity. These metrics assist in comprehending the intricacies of cryptocurrency trade and liquidity situations.

Self-sovereign identity

Evaluate technology providers who offer cryptographic digital asset tokens for authentication in the identity management field. Managing identities gives power to control information, enabling secure and private authentication.

Risk management in crypto

Look into KYC and AML solutions for meeting regulatory standards. With these, you can follow user actions, detect money flow paths, and have ongoing inspections of crypto-related actions to comply with rules as well as decrease risk.