Open up a variety of options for your business by using NayaOne's marketplace for SMB and SME solutions.

What is NayaOne’s marketplace for SMB And SME Solutions?


Access to best-in-class technologies

Discover, assess, analyse and leverage reliable and trusted services used by top-tier technology providers to develop solutions and enter the industry.


One commercial contract to multiple suppliers

With a single contract, you can access the necessary resources and capabilities from stakeholders to launch your innovative propositions to the market.


Fully integrated and vetted marketplace

Our solutions undergo inspection and integration, allowing streamlined discovery and evaluation processes that can be completed in a matter of weeks.

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NayaOne Usecases

What are the real-world applications for NayaOne’s SMB And SME Solutions?

Automated lending

A digital platform that automates SME loan applications, providing swift approvals by assessing creditworthiness and risk factors. This system significantly reduces the time from funding applications, enabling owners to access capital quickly. Automated pricing ensures loans are tailored to the risk profiles of each business, offering competitive rates and terms.

ESG metrics and carbon neutrality

Empower SMEs to measure and decrease their effect and impact on the environment with instruments that monitor energy consumption, waste generated, and carbon dioxide emissions. Give guidance on environmentally friendly actions to aid in the path towards carbon neutrality. These tools help SMEs meet regulatory requirements and promote their sustainability efforts.

Accelerated digital onboarding

Digitise setting up business accounts, enabling commercial customers to open accounts, confirm identities, and hand in documents via a digital onboarding system. Automatic verification methods reduce onboarding time from weeks to hours, reducing paperwork and enhancing adherence. This quick onboarding improves client contentment and accelerates business functions.

Instant card issuing

Employ a system that permits instant issuance of corporate cards, offering adaptability for business expenditures. This platform incorporates security methods and detection of fraud to ensure the card is used safely. It consists of characteristics such as spending control, transaction tracking, and alerts in real-time to aid SMEs in managing money matters securely.