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What does "NayaOne" stand for?

It’s more than just a name; it’s our promise. Derived from ancient wisdom, “Naya” signifies transformation and financial innovation. “One” represents our foundational principle: unparalleled connectivity with a single gateway to financial technology.
NayaOne is the bridge to an ecosystem full of possibilities —fintech partners, comprehensive datasets, and the cutting-edge technologies that are shaping the future of finance.
At NayaOne, we believe in simplifying complexity, transforming challenges into opportunities, and unlocking the potential within every Financial Institution to better serve their customers and shareholders.

Crafted with precision, delivered with passion

Our roots are deeply embedded in the Financial services and technology sector, cultivated by a team of seasoned financial technologists, visionary entrepreneurs, and the brightest minds in finance. We’re not just building solutions; we’re providing the strategic platform for your financial technology needs into the future.
Our foundation is built on real banking experiences. Every aspect of our platform, from its features to its innovations, is crafted to meet the genuine needs and solve the real challenges of the banking world. We speak your language and understand your journey because we’ve walked the path ourselves.
With NayaOne, you’re not just using a service; you’re accessing a proven framework of best practices and solutions that have been validated by financial industry leaders. Start with an advantage, not from square one.
Our reputation as a reliable provider of sandbox services and synthetic data is a reflection of our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of security and compliance. Regulators, banks, startups, and insurance companies alike rely on NayaOne as their partner for navigating the complexities of financial technology.
About NayaOne

Our core mission is to empower Financial Institutions to navigate the fintech ecosystem with ease, ensuring growth, security, and innovation at every step.



We've been at the intersection of finance and technology for years. We know the pitfalls and the shortcuts.



Our team isn't just tech-savvy; they're finance-savvy too. We speak your language, understand your challenges, and know how to tackle them.



We're in this together. Your success is our success. We're not just a service provider; we're your partner on this journey.

Our core values


Innovation and agility

We stay ahead, so you can too. By continuously pioneering new solutions, we ensure you’re always at the cutting edge, ready to adapt in a fast-evolving landscape.


Customer success

Your goals are our priority. We dedicate our resources and expertise to ensure you not only achieve but surpass your digital transformation ambitions, adding exceptional value for your customers.


Security and compliance

Trust is non-negotiable. Our commitment to stringent security measures and regulatory compliance forms the backbone of our offerings, allowing you to innovate with confidence.
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Partnership and collaboration

Together, we’re stronger. Our belief in the power of collaboration with fintech firms and financial stakeholders drives us to co-create solutions that propel the industry forward.


Transparency and integrity

Honesty is our policy. We operate with transparency and integrity, fostering trust among clients, partners, and the community.


Diversity and inclusion

Diversity drives our innovation. By valuing diverse perspectives and fostering an inclusive environment, we’re committed to developing solutions that cater to the global market’s varied needs, paving the way for a more inclusive financial future.


#24 fastest-growing startup on the Sifted 100

Best Innovation Platform

Fintech of the Future

Graduate. Accenture Fintech Lab

FCA TechSprint Winner

NayaOne Platform

We are here to make the fintech ecosystem accessible, efficient, and inclusive for all, igniting innovation and driving growth in the financial sector.

We’ve successfully supported banks and Financial Institutions in surpassing their digital transformation objectives. Don’t just take our word for it—ask them about their experiences with us!

We believe in investing in people and forming meaningful bonds

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Kris Dickinson

Director, Financial Services

Jonathan Middleton

Director, Financial Services

Ben Thomas

Director, Financial Services

Shubhangi Chandra

Head of Marketing & Growth

Oli Platt

Head of Client Solutions

Louis Marcantonio

Product Manager

Julia Logvinenko

Product Designer

Ambar Vitelli

Innovation Lead

Nerissa Culi

Technical Account Manager

Varun Resh

Marketplace Ecosystem Manager

Scott Sambucci


Jesper De Jonge

Data Scientist

Hector Baroni

Data Scientist

Amrit Satpathy

Ecosystem Manager

Caitlin Brandt

Senior Operations Manager

Gopi Rajamanickam

Devops/SRE Engineer

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