Empower your CVC Investments with streamlined venture commercialisation

Say goodbye to the challenges of commercialisation and hello to rapid product development, streamlined operations, and sustainable revenue growth.
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Why is venture commercialisation important for your bank?

The competitive landscape for innovation is fierce. Banks are increasingly turning to Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) to drive growth and stay ahead of the curve. But bringing those investments to market requires a strategic approach.

NayaOne's comprehensive venture commercialisation platform empowers banks to overcome challenges and unlock the full potential of their CVC investments. We provide the tools, expertise, and network to streamline operations, accelerate product development, and achieve sustainable revenue growth.Shape

Why choose NayaOne for venture commercialisation?

Strategic partnership

We become an extension of your team, collaborating to identify and validate new business models and markets for your valuable CVC investments.

Technology expertise

Benefit from fast product development, allowing for swift testing and iteration of new financial products and services aligned with customer needs.

Extensive network

Leverage our robust network of startups, technology vendors, and financial institutions to foster collaboration and unlock new opportunities.

Advanced data analytics

Gain insights into your CVC portfolio with our data analytics tools. Track trends, identify opportunities, and measure the success of your efforts.

Funding and support

Access NayaOne's network of investors and venture capitalists to secure the funding and support needed to bring your CVC investments to market.

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Benefits of choosing NayaOne for effective commercialisation of your ventures

Faster product development

NayaOne accelerates product development through rapid experimentation and prototyping. Banks can quickly test and refine new financial services.

Streamlined operations

Our platform automates tasks and centralises data, freeing up resources for banks. Real-time insights enable data-driven decisions for optimal efficiency.

Promising collaborations

NayaOne connects banks with technology providers for mutually beneficial collaborations. This unlocks new revenue streams and enhances value propositions.

Employee engagement

NayaOne empowers bank employees to participate in venture commercialisation through collaborative tools, which foster a sense of ownership and purpose.

Sustainable revenue growth

NayaOne equips banks to identify high-potential CVC investments, accelerate product development and navigate complexities, unlocking new revenue streams.

NayaOne: Your trusted partner in responsible innovation

By working with NayaOne, you gain a partner committed to responsible innovation. We prioritise ethical practices while helping you achieve your financial goals. Whether you’re a community bank or a multinational institution, NayaOne has the expertise to empower your commercialisation journey.