Why does a regulatory impact assessment matter in fintech?

Having a strong framework for compliance is very important for the safety of consumers, the stability of markets, and fighting against financial crime. NayaOne provides an all-inclusive system to assist businesses in handling complicated regulations. Our tools and services make the task of carrying out Regulatory Impact Assessments easier.

How can our platform benefit you?


Industry engagement

Connect with industry professionals to crowdsource feedback, product ideas, and innovative solutions. Gather practical insights to shape policy grounded in real-world experiments and data.


Regulatory impact assessment

Invite a curated user base to evaluate the effects of policy changes or emerging technologies in a neutral, secure environment. This helps you understand their impact on the industry without bias.


Regulatory collaboration

Partner with regulators, both locally and globally, to tackle challenges within a secure environment. Use shared datasets, technical resources, and collaboration tools to streamline the process.
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What does our platform offer?

Compliance is key. NayaOne’s platform helps you to test and enhance your crucial processes. Whether it’s Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML), or the identification of financial crimes along with supervision of transactions – NayaOne’s platform allows for evaluation and improvement of these systems within controlled environments that are safe.
NayaOne mimics actual situations, aiding you in recognising possible compliance cracks and guaranteeing that your processes abide by regulatory needs. This proactive method assists you in maintaining a leading position and evading expensive penalties, all while fostering novelty. By simulating various scenarios and stress-testing these systems, you can assess their effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. Carrying out a complete Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) empowers you to understand how alterations can affect business activities.

Engage the industry to crowdsource feedback, product ideas, and innovative solutions







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