Unlock the power of AI with NayaOne's cutting-edge AI Sandbox.

We help Financial Institutions grow

NayaOne is your gateway to new financial technology.

NayaOne revolutionises how Financial Institutions approach financial technology ecosystem


Sandbox as a Service

A secure, flexible environment to test new technologies and solutions without risking your existing infrastructure or customer data.


Vetted Marketplace

Instant access to a curated selection of fintech solutions that have been rigorously evaluated for quality, security, and compliance.


Rapid Prototyping

Reduce the time from concept to deployment with our streamlined development and testing process, turning months of work into weeks.


Compliance Confidence

Our platform and every solution within our marketplace are designed with compliance at their core, ensuring you meet regulatory standards without the headache.

Leverage industry best practices and avoid reinventing the wheel – there's safety in numbers and a commitment to meeting industry leading standards.

Unlocking digital banking potential

NayaOne works with business and technology leaders to help grow the Financial Institutions by leveraging the fintech ecosystem. Navigating the maze, we understand the hurdles that business and technology leaders face in the financial sector.

A platform like no other

addressing challenges at every step of the way

Selecting the right growth partner

Growing the business in innovative ways is riddled with risks and the majority of the changes require technology from a third party.

Lengthy procurement cycles

The traditional process of vetting and integrating new fintech solutions can be slow and cumbersome.

Integration challenges

Seamlessly connecting new technologies with existing banking systems often presents significant technical challenges.

Security and compliance risks

Adopting new technologies comes with the need to maintain the utmost standards of data security and regulatory compliance.

Customer experience

Delivering innovative, user-friendly services that meet the rising expectations of digital-savvy customers.

Your strategic advantage with NayaOne

Accelerate Time to Market

Reducing GTM with new technology by 12-18 months, capturing customer and shareholder value early.

Avoid Buyers Regret

Mitigate risks of buyer regret and integration delays with robust technical validation.

Reduce Operational Cost

Circa $100,000 saving per vendor for a typical Financial Services vendor evaluation.

Success Stories That Speak Volumes

Discover how leading Financial Institusions have transformed their digital offerings with NayaOne, experiencing.
Launch new services 70% faster, staying ahead of the competition.
Test and refine in a secure sandbox, minimizing the risk of security breaches and compliance issues.
With access to our comprehensive fintech marketplace, banks have successfully launched groundbreaking services that delight customers and drive growth.

Real customers. Real success.

Leading UK Bank Slashed Fintech Onboarding Time

The bank partnered with NayaOne to overcome lengthy regulatory processes, achieving 80-90% faster fintech partnerships and substantial cost reductions.


Embark on Your Digital Transformation Journey

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