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Amrit Satpathy

Ecosystem Manager

Welcome! upSWOT is now available on the NayaOne Marketplace. Making its embedded financial management tools designed for business customers now accessible to a range of financial institutions to discover and evaluate through NayaOne’s Digital Transformation Platform.
As NayaOne provides access to synthetic data, tech marketplace and a digital sandbox to discover, evaluate and scale third party technologies to production, upSWOT solution will help financial institutions for their embedded finance usecase with different vendor evaluation processes.
​​Analysing ​business indicators, comparing financial metrics, forecasting cash flow, etc., by SMEs/SMBs is critical for evaluating the current health of the business and building a strong strategy for business development. upSWOT is an embedded white-label digital banking add-on. When integrated into the bank/FI environment, upSWOT tools help business customers improve the performance of their companies. Through upSWOT, SMBs have the opportunity to connect data from various business apps they regularly use in their operations to their bank or FI (with over 100 API-enabled apps available) and begin receiving immediate benefits within their online banking platform.
Once SMBs share their data from different business apps, the system normalises the financial data and promptly transforms it into various financial and business management tools, such as Insights, Cash Flow Forecast, Key Metrics, Payment Calendar, Accounts, Data Automation, Business Credit Score, Business Valuation, eCommerce and Sales, ESG Carbon Footprint, Multi-company support, and many other features that assist SMBs in gaining a better understanding of their businesses, making informed decisions, and accelerating business growth. Additionally, business customers can share their data with major Credit Bureaus to boost their Business Credit Scores.
This will enable business owners to address the “thin file problem” and gain access to additional funding. Meanwhile, SMB data also helps bankers and relationship managers increase their cross-selling and up-selling opportunities by offering the right products to their business clients at the right time, making them more supportive, efficient, and aligned with the bank’s corporate innovation strategy.

Tech, packed in three lines of code, to millions of SMBs:

  • Tax Management: Users may download past filing summaries and forms, eliminating the frustration associated with compliance and streamlining the application process for virtually any product or service.
  • Cash Flow Forecast: This tool offers a graphic projection of cash flow based on analysis from all connected data sources.
  • Credit Boost: This component revolutionises how business credit scores are seen, enabling businesses to view and boost their credit scores.
  • Performance Metrics: upSWOT’s KPIs are derived using FI data from connected applications, such as Amazon, Xero, QuickBooks, Square and dozens of others.
  • Insights: The data-driven insights suggest specific actions the business can take to improve operations and profitability.
  • Automated Bank Reconciliation: upSWOT can not only pull data from the accounting and ERP applications but can send data to them.
  • Valuation: Business valuation and market value estimates are essential tools for setting business strategy.
  • Accounts: This tool shows businesses their current cash position across all their accounts
  • Marketing: The aggregated view shows user acquisition strategy, click-thru, engagement, conversion rates, and ROI.
  • Multi-Company: upSWOT can aggregate and display statistics across their various entities in one location.

Client Case study

Republic Bank of Chicago selected upSWOT as the best alternative data tech to power online and mobile banking with actionable insights, cashflow forecast, KPIs, and credit score boost features to have SMB and Mid-market customers perform better.

The goal of upSWOT is to foster transparent, loyal relationships between banks/FIs and business customers. It streamlines data integration, enhancing banking product innovation through NayaOne's Digital Transformation Platform to drive fintech partnerships and digital transformation.
Armi Movsesyan
VP of FI Success, upSWOT
Welcome upSWOT to NayaOne's marketplace. Their integrated digital banking solution empowers SMBs with data-driven insights, boosting growth and credit scores. By utilising their embedded finance and business management tools banks and FIs can harness the power of data to help businesses thrive. Their solution now can be explored and tested via NayaOne by banks and FIs.
Oli platt
Oli Platt
Product and Marketplace Manager, NayaOne
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upSWOT is serving 200+ banks with a white-label embedded financial platform designed to enhance online/mobile banking with just several lines of code. Using an approach similar to Plaid, SMBs connect their accounting, ERP, payroll, eCommerce, marketing, CRM, and other apps to the Bank to get accurate cashflow forecasts, actionable insights, credit score boost, and business valuation tools within their banking experience. Data is aggregated in real-time and thousands of signals are analysed to help SMBs better understand the health of their businesses via interactive dashboards. On the back-end, upSWOT surfaces meaningful data for relationship managers to help them upsell the right products and services while building more meaningful and longer-lasting relationships.

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