TurinTech AI Joins the NayaOne Tech Marketplace

TurinTech AI Joins the NayaOne Tech Marketplace to Bring GenAI-powered Code Optimisation to more Financial Institutions 
TurinTech AI has joined the NayaOne Tech Marketplace. It provides financial institutions with advanced AI-driven code optimisation solutions that enhance the performance and efficiency of their data and machine learning applications, reducing costs and improving sustainability.
Partnering with NayaOne allows us to bring our advanced AI-driven code optimisation solutions to more financial institutions, helping them achieve their goals of efficiency and sustainability. We are excited to see the transformative impact our technology will have on the industry.
Dr. Leslie Kanthan, CEO, TurinTech AI
Dr. Leslie Kanthan
CEO, TurinTech AI
We’re excited to welcome TurinTech AI to the NayaOne Tech Marketplace. As technology continuously evolves, optimising code is crucial for banks. It enhances transaction processing speed, reduces operational costs, lowers energy consumption, and improves overall efficiency, leading to better customer experiences, faster decision-making, and increased competitiveness in the financial sector.
Varun Resh
Marketplace Manager, NayaOne
Artificial intelligence, and technology in general, keeps evolving at a rapid pace. Because of that, financial institutions struggle to get the best performance from their data and AI applications. This hurts their efficiency and sustainability.
Poorly written code leads to slow performance, high energy use, and wasted resources, resulting in poor user experiences and growing technical debt.
TurinTech AI’s code optimisation products, Artemis AI and evoML address these issues. They leverage Generative AI technologies to improve the performance of machine learning models and data-intensive applications.

Benefits Financial Institutions Enjoy with TurinTech AI

Both TurinTech AI products offer a range of features and benefits tailored to meet the unique needs of financial institutions.
Artemis AI is a GenAI-powered code optimisation platform. It helps organisations transform their legacy codebase, improving performance, and reducing technical debt. With it, financial institutions can enjoy:
Meanwhile, evoML empowers financial institutions to accelerate the development and deployment of robust machine learning models. This enables them to make more informed decisions and improve risk management, and customer experience. It helps businesses achieve:

Accelerating Financial Software Runtime by 32.72% with Artemis AI: From a £10 Optimisation to £400K Savings

QuantLib is an open-source library for quantitative finance, extensively used by banks and hedge funds for modelling, trading, and risk management. Slow and inefficient code in critical libraries like QuantLib can significantly impact the speed and efficiency of financial applications, reducing profitability and competitiveness for businesses.
Using Artemis AI, TurinTech AI was able to optimise the performance of QuantLib and achieve a 12.2% acceleration in runtime with a single pull request. The corresponding unit test for the code improvement runs approximately 30% faster on a single processor.
Other benefits include
By integrating evoML and Artemis AI into the NayaOne Marketplace, banks and financial institutions can easily discover, access, and deploy these powerful tools within their existing ecosystems.
This also fosters a more dynamic and innovative environment, enabling financial institutions to experiment, develop, and implement cutting-edge AI solutions faster than ever before.
Finally, NayaOne’s Digital Sandbox environment offers a controlled space for testing and experimentation. This helps financial firms mitigate the risks associated with deploying new AI models or implementing code changes in production systems.
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TurinTech AI is a leading code optimisation solutions provider for machine learning and data-intensive applications. Its flagship products, Artemis AI and evoML, help companies easily unlock the full potential of their code and data through Generative AI. Clients benefit from operating faster while also being more sustainable and more efficient.

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