Innovate and test new solutions on a platform built for regulated industry

financial institutions

How you can benefit from our platform


Partner with fintechs

Discover, evaluate and scale fintech solutions to your business problems.
A single connection to NayaOne enables you to experiment and test with Fintech, using synthetic data, within days. Test and learn quickly and ensure viable solutions move through your evaluation process.


Build ecosystem​

Build ecosystems with partners that distribute your core products and services to their end users.
Exposing your API’s to NayaOne and its suite of developer tools enables external teams to build product and solutions that integrate seamlessly to your solutions.


Simplify your innovation

NayaOne provides the tools you need to track all your innovation projects, internal and external, from one dashboard.
Follow progress, understand the roadblocks and identify your key collaborators in one platform that also provides a path to production with your selected suppliers.

Create scenarios with public and private datasets​

Want to check if your training datasets contain historic biases, or if your reinforced learning model is perpectuating bias? Want to see how your model might deal with future societal changes? Our public and private datasets give you the tools you need.
fintech for financial advisors

NayaOne is designed to be easy to use and to mitigate risk for your institution

Use cases

Rapid testing with customers

Rapid testing with customers

Rapid experimentation for innovation teams with customer feedback before you go live. Invite customers to collaborate within the platform.

Data sharing

Data sharing

Securely host data for use cases that require sensitive data to be shared with third parties to test their technology

Build partnership ecosystem

Build partnership ecosystem

Build and grow your Fintech partnership network to create opportunities for all

Scale pilot to production

Scale pilot to production

Complete pilots in 10% of the time and scale to production, codify the controls and governance to give your team speed to market.

Industry thought leadership

Industry thought leadership

Host an open innovation marketplace for the industry to collaborate on use cases specific to your business needs.



Publish API's, product prototypes and datasets on which the industry can build solutions. Follow community reaction and their progress through the platform.

Revolutionise the product and services space​

Build new services with forward thinking fintechs in fast growing spaces in a secure space built for the regulated industry.
NayaOne Product and Services
NayaOne Usecases

Sandpit provides end-to-end tooling to test and scale to production​

and a holistic, centralised view of all innovation efforts in the firm.
and used by the UK regulator (FCA) to innovate and test new solutions.
between infrastructure, applications and Open Integrated Development Environment with 50+ languages for APIs

Sandpit has the largest marketplace of ready to test Fintechs & RegTechs in Europe. By connecting to Sandpit once, you’re available to instantly evaluate startups. Fast onboarding for new tech solutions.

Less than 30 minute onboarding for API

and Reusable Asset Repo — onboard and reuse Datasets and Fintechs, building efficiency into your rapid prototyping.

We give you access to the best fintechs from around the globe​

Connect and test with our curated ecosystem of fintechs, making a significant impact on today’s financial market for consumers and businesses.

Are you ready to take the fintech industry to the next level?