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Monit Marketplace Announcement
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Amrit Satpathy

Ecosystem Manager

Welcome Monit to the NayaOne Marketplace. Their cashflow analysis, forecasting, and personalised insights platform is now accessible to a range of Financial Institutions to discover and evaluate through NayaOne’s Digital Transformation Platform.
Monit solves a dual issue for Financial Institutions (“FIs”) as they target one of the most attractive revenue pools in the financial services sector: Small and Medium-sized Businesses (“SMBs”). With Monit, bankers can offer high-touch digital service, solutions, and personalised advice at-scale while their business clients can quickly identify risks and opportunities in their projected performance.
Via their FI’s online platform and integration with their accounting data, SMB owners have access to tailored and timely information that helps them make more informed decisions about their business. This includes a suite of CFO-like solutions, including automated cashflow forecasting, tailored insights, and alerts about their performance, scenario planning tools, and competitive benchmarks.
As SMBs sign up for Monit, bankers receive data-driven insights to help them better understand their portfolio, proactively serve their clients, and deepen relationships. Key insights include share of wallet, top competitors, next best action suggestions, and campaign builder tools. Additional tools and guides help the FI win and retain the primary banking relationship and earn the “Trusted Advisor” status with clients.
For FIs looking for digital differentiation or to maintain parity with cashflow solutions launched by the national banks, Monit’s API-led integration makes implementation easy. As data is sourced from accounting services, no expensive or time-consuming core integrations are required. And Monit is pre-integrated with many leading digital banking platforms, enabling technical implementations in weeks rather than months or years.

Some of the outcomes FIs should anticipate via Monit include:

  • Increased revenue through deepening of client relationships and proactive identification of emerging needs.
  • Increased banker productivity and efficiency via next best actions and campaign insights built upon financial profiles.
  • Reduced portfolio risk by uncovering unforeseen issues that may impact their SMB Portfolio.
NayaOne’s Digital Transformation Platform gives Monit visibility into new customers and expedites decisions in the business development process, we value this ecosystem and look to expand our presence further in the US & UK to support NayaOne’s mission for bank-fintech partnerships to drive innovation and digital transformation.
Steve Dow, CEO & Co-Founder, Monit
Steve Dow
CEO & Co-Founder, Monit
Great to have Monit in the NayaOne network. Monit supports banks and their SME customers with cashflow forecasting and insights that empower them to drive efficiency, and reduce portfolio risk. Now the solution is accessible to banks via NayaOne.
Karan Jain
CEO, NayaOne
Monit is an award-winning financial intelligence platform for leading financial institutions who want to provide business customers with embedded ‘digital CFO’ tools and enhanced analytics/targeting capabilities for bankers and marketing teams. The two-sided platform includes highly desirable SMB features (cashflow forecasting, industry benchmarking, business valuation, etc.) as well as data-driven relationship deepening tools and insights for bankers. Solely serving financial institutions, Monit’s mission is to help banks and credit unions win in the increasingly competitive SMB market.

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