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Amrit Satpathy

Ecosystem Manager

GaiaLens has joined the NayaOne Marketplace. The GaiaLens platform is comprised of a suite of tools to help investors fulfil their ESG needs including portfolio reporting, investment screening, and deep-dive research capabilities are now accessible to a diverse range of financial institutions through NayaOne’s Digital Transformation Platform.
GaiaLens provides data analytics solutions for sustainable investing. The fintech uses machine learning algorithms to analyse environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors of companies, and provides investors with real-time, fully explainable and objective ESG scores.
The “GaiaLens Score” is a numerical rating systemquantitative ESG score that assesses a company’s sustainability performance based on multiple ESG criteria. They also offer a suite of tools and APIs for asset managers, wealth advisors, and other financial professionals to integrate their ESG data and analytics into their investment strategies. GaiaLens aims to empower investors to make more informed decisions about their investments and contribute to a more sustainable future.
With access to GaiaLens’s solution, banks can get access to,

The ESG Analytics Platform which includes access to 3 main dashboards:

  1. Company level dashboard is designed for deep-dive research into a company’s ESG profile with the ability to drilldown to the most granular level of data. This includes GaiaLens’ explainable ESG scores; news flow screens which categorise articles into ESG topics and highlights ESG controversies affecting companies; historical time series; EU Taxonomy, SFDR and UN SDGs mappings; thematic investing screens; magnitude/materiality matrix.
  2. Portfolio-level dashboard is intended to make portfolio monitoring straightforward and intuitive for investors. This includes portfolio reporting capabilities and benchmarking the ESG performance of portfolios; showing exposure to any ESG laggard/detractor companies; flagging potential areas of engagement; highlighting ESG news controversies that are taking place concerning portfolio companies in real-time. Custom themes can also be created such as Modern Slavery which allows investors to benchmark their portfolios with respect to that theme combining both structured and unstructured data.
  3. Screening tool which enables users to screen on traditional valuation criteria and ESG factors. This was designed to aid investors with portfolio construction giving them the ability to screen on both financial and ESG metrics and see the most up-to-date data for their selected universe.

Data – Real-time Scores, News & People

The data delivery happens via GaiaLens’ API, data dumps or sharing via a bucket.

1. GaiaLens ESG Scores: Access to its underlying data including ESG scores for 18,000 companies, ESG pillar scores, theme scores and factor level scores. GaiaLens uses c.200 ESG factors to calculate our ESG scores and tracks well over 500 factors.

2. GaiaLens News Data: The company has built a cutting-edge news system to process the news for all our coverage in real-time. This involves monitoring hundreds of thousands of news sources, social media, and NGO’s. It tracks c.50 ESG news topics including SASB themes and UN SDGs and a few other important ESG themes such as Modern Slavery and Gender Equality. The news just like the scores are refreshed daily across our whole coverage. GaiaLens can offer the news data in two formats:

  • News flow: all news flow for our company coverage including articles and tweets.
  • ESG Controversies: highlight any pressing issues that companies are facing in the news.

3. GaiaLens People Data: The GaiaLens system uses a combination of intelligent web crawlers and Machine Learning to engineer innovative proprietary features such as diversity metrics at scale and in real-time.

We are excited to be joining the NayaOne marketplace and to have the opportunity to collaborate with other banks and financial institutions who share our vision for a more sustainable future. We believe that our expertise in using AI to analyse ESG factors will bring a valuable perspective to the platform and help drive positive change in the industry through NayaOne’s Digital Transformation Platform.
Gordon Tveito-Duncan
Gordon Tveito-Duncan
CEO & Co-founder, GaiaLens
It’s great to see GaiaLens available on the NayaOne Marketplace to support financial institutions working towards data analytics solutions. Their expertise in using artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyse ESG factors will add value to the financial industry's ability to make more informed and sustainable investment decisions.
Oli platt
Oli Platt
Product and Marketplace Manager, NayaOne
GaiaLens is a Fintech group that provides institutional investors with a data-driven, transparent, and real-time ESG analytics platform. This is achieved by combining cutting-edge technologies and the latest thinking in ESG investing. The GaiaLens platform comprises a suite of tools to help investors fulfil their ESG needs including portfolio reporting, investment screening, and deep-dive research capabilities. The ESG analytics platform grants live access to accurate and scientifically curated ESG data on 18,000 companies, calculating comprehensive, objective and unbiased real-time scores across E, S and G pillars. The platform acts as an automated ESG analyst team which can support investors through the whole ESG investment lifecycle and save them a significant amount of time. Executing an ESG strategy is complex with messy data and ever-changing regulations, GaiaLens simplifies ESG for investors using technology.

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