Earthchain Joins The NayaOne Marketplace

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Picture of Amrit Satpathy

Amrit Satpathy

Ecosystem Manager

NayaOne are thrilled to have Earthchain’s Carbon Intelligence platform available on the NayaOne Marketplace. A fantastic addition to our ESG use case on the Digital Transformation Platform to help financial services firms navigate the transition to a greener economy by enabling individuals and businesses to fund certified climate action with the highest possible accountability.
The Earthchain Intelligent Finance solution allows customers to see a real-time carbon footprint associated with every one of their transactions so that they can understand where to make the most effective changes to purchase more sustainably. Using Earthchain, financial services institutions can help their customers turn awareness into action by funding certified emissions reduction projects to create impact at scale.
Every emissions reduction project funded by Earthchain is high quality, Gold Standard certified, and monitored with publicly available documentation. Uniquely, Earthchain tracks every contribution securely, immutably, and transparently on a blockchain-powered Carbon Ledger, ensuring all claims are permanently auditable in real time.
Earthchain is excited to bring transparent, certified climate action to the NayaOne marketplace. Fintechs and payment processors are uniquely positioned to drive climate action at scale. Working with NayaOne and Earthchain they can join our impact community and drive collective climate action at scale.
Dan Graf
Dan Graf
CEO, Earthchain
We are excited to have the Earthchain solution available to financial institutions through the marketplace to turn awareness into action and work towards a greener future!
Oli platt
Oli Platt
Product and Marketplace Manager, NayaOne

Earthchain is tomorrow’s voluntary carbon market, built for quality, transparency and scale.

Our mission is to fund certified climate action by embedding impact into every single sale. We uphold the highest standards by working with Gold Standard to ensure all the projects our community funds are certified, additional, and audited.

We ensure integrity through radical transparency. Every action funded through Earthchain is tracked in realtime and permanently on our blockchain-powered Carbon Ledger.

We fight greenwashing by ensuring all climate claims can be proven with immutable data.

We’re a company with purpose, working with the best in the business to make change happen.

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