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Arivu Marketplace Announcement
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Amrit Satpathy

Ecosystem Manager

NayaOne welcomes Arivu to its Technology Marketplace. Arivu’s EasyWriter solution helps to track-and-trace the provenance of your reporting data and evidence from dozens of internal and external data sources.
EasyWriter opens hundreds of new use cases to securely manage and audit regulatorily required data and evidence. Arivu’s EasyWriter is now accessible to a range of financial institutions to discover and evaluate through NayaOne’s Digital Transformation Platform.
NayaOne provides access to synthetic datasets, tech marketplace, and a digital sandbox to discover, evaluate and scale third party technologies to production. Meanwhile, Arivu solution will help financial institutions meet their Regtech compliance needs for different vendor evaluation processes and product developments.
Collecting sustainability and compliance data from disparate systems, workflows, documents, and meters across your enterprise is difficult. Collecting it from your borrowers and suppliers poses even greater challenges. Banks need easily auditable sustainability data and evidence with traceability back to its provenance to comply with their own non-financial reporting, staying ahead of corporate innovation.
  • Tamper-proof provenance tracking for data and evidence needed to prove regulatory, legal, and contractual obligation compliance.
  • Assembling, aggregating and auditing complex data and evidence from hundreds of sources with an easy-to-install API-out.
  • Easily sorting, aggregating and reporting on dispersed data sets with flexible tagging of each API write.

Customer Case Studies:

Arivu’s EasyWriter integrated into a sustainability reporting software user journey to create a fully auditable provenance tracking for user histories, data, and evidence inputs.
Arivu’s Evidence Builder was used by a European timber importer to track timber provenance from 11 North American supply chains for EU Deforestation Regulation compliance proof at Customs ports of entry. EasyWriter created the blockchain-verified, shareable audit trail behind the due diligence for EUDR compliance.
Arivu’s Evidence Builder was integrated with a Nordic carbon footprint calculation library to deliver carbon calculation variable provenance, emission factor provenance, and transparent auditability for corporate ESG reporting. EasyWriter created the blockchain-verified, shareable audit trail behind carbon calculations.
We are delighted to partner with NayaOne to make Arivu's deep tech data provenance tracking and compliance-proof solutions available to regulated financial services firms. Financial services businesses hold dozens of use cases where defensible compliance proof is required when assembling data and evidence from disparate sources across the enterprise or in loan portfolios and supply chains. We look forward to collaborating with the NayaOne team and marketplace customers as we scale our solutions and address new use cases to support bank-fintech partnerships to drive innovation.
Matthew Nelson
Co-Founder and CEO, Arivu
Arivu has been integrated into the NayaOne marketplace to support financial institutions in creating defensible compliance audit trails for sustainability and compliance data. It aids FIs in tracking the data and evidence necessary to demonstrate compliance with regulatory, legal, and contractual obligations, enabling the assembly, aggregation, and audit of complex data and evidence from hundreds of sources through an easy-to-install API-out. Arivu solutions now can be discovered and tested via the NayaOne Digital Transformation Platform.
Oli platt
Oli Platt
Product and Marketplace Manager, NayaOne
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Arivu is a pioneering technology company dedicated to simplifying and enhancing compliance processes for companies dealing with sustainability reporting and regulatory compliance including EU Deforestation Regulations (EUDR). With its EasyWriter, Evidence Builder, and Change of State Oracle solutions, Arivu empowers businesses to meet their obligations efficiently and transparently with tamper-proof data provenance and auditable proofs of compliance.

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