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Picture of Amrit Satpathy

Amrit Satpathy

Ecosystem Manager

Welcome Xlrt to the NayaOne Marketplace. Xlrt’s AI-driven automated document processing platform is now accessible to a diverse range of financial institutions through NayaOne’s Digital Transformation Platform. Financial institutions are being pushed to maximise value from data while minimising risk and cost, and Xlrt is at the heart of this process by automating repeatable, complex analyses.
The insight-generation platform is built to enable financial institutions to create innovative financial credit products for the market at scale by simplifying the financial spreading process. Xlrt leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to learn and adapt to the evolving needs of both traditional as well as new-age lenders. Xlrt automates the processing of financial information from unstructured source documents without any manual inputs. Using self-learning AI models that have been trained to recognise and understand financial information reported in a variety of ways, Xlrt accelerates an accurate financial analysis of customers in minutes.

With access to Xlrt’s platform, banks can automate document processing, such as: 

1- Instant analysis of annual reports and financial results and mapping to your chart of accounts. Xlrt supports multiple GAAPs and languages.

2- Automated parsing of sustainability reports with customisable reports for analysis of ESG performance

3- Template-free parsing of invoices, purchase orders, smart sanity checks, and Superior validation flow Overall, Xlrt’s platform is an AI data driven innovation that helps financial institutions enhance their capabilities and create more value for their customers.

Xlrt is excited to be part of the NayaOne marketplace, which is one of the largest tech marketplaces. Together we can help organisations in faster and more consistent decision making and provide easy document processing solutions through NayaOne’s Digital Transformation Platform.
Rupesh Chaudhuri
Rupesh Chaudhuri
Co-founder & COO, Xlrt
We're excited to announce that Xlrt joining the marketplace. They provide companies with a streamlined document processing solution. With xlrt platform, financial institutions can process documents with ease, leading to a seamless user experience and reduced time-to-market.
Oli platt
Oli Platt
Product and Marketplace Manager, NayaOne
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Xlrt.ai has a vision to create a better world for finance professionals by offering innovative and affordable solutions to real-world problems. 

Backed by domain expertise and a passion to challenge the status quo, Xlrt.ai leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to learn and adapt to the evolving needs of traditional financial institutions and new age fintechs.

We believe that Xlrt.ai can enable financial institutions to make better decisions with a more accurate and holistic view of the customers’ financial health.

Xlrt.ai empowers businesses to transform data from documents into direct business value. Our products automatically parse a variety of documents, including financial statements & sustainability reports, to unlock information relevant to different personas, in minutes!

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