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WealthOS Marketplace Announcement
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Amrit Satpathy

Ecosystem Manager

Welcome WealthOS to the NayaOne Marketplace! WealthOS brings its cloud-native and API-based low-friction, core wealth management operating system to NayaOne’s Digital Transformation Platform – ready for a range of financial institutions to discover, evaluate and use to test their digital investment and retirement propositions.
WealthOS takes care of the backend infrastructure and processes to run the next generation of digital investment and retirement products (such as GIAs, ISAs and SIPPs in the UK), allowing banks and wealth managers to focus on building a great customer experience. Leverage real-time event streaming with WealthOS’s unified API layer for instant actions, and utilise its no-code integrations to KYC engines, payment gateways, market data providers and custodians to simplify operations and compose your own interconnected wealth ecosystem. Financial Institutions can reduce operational time and costs through extensive automation and orchestration of processes, coupled with remote maintenance and updates. Start building propositions and get to market 3x faster and 40% cheaper.

WealthOS solutions include:

  • Comprehensive feature set: WealthOS is a comprehensive backend operating system with the fundamental components required to run a modern, and compliant digital wealth management value proposition of any flavour as per the industry benchmark.
  • Cloud-native infrastructure: A serverless wealth platform that removes significant time and cost from set-up and maintenance (including costly upgrades).
  • Automation and Orchestration: WealthOS automates all features as a standard requirement – not as an additional enhancement, and further combines atomic features into appropriately sequenced, orchestrated workflows.
  • The marketplace of integrations: No-code integrations to KYC engines, payment gateways, market data providers and custodians simplify operations and enable you to compose your own wealthtech ecosystem through a few clicks.
  • Connectivity: The WealthOS Unified API allows frictionless connections to other applications.
  • REST APIs enable digital features to be conceptualised, tested and released in record time. WebSocket APIs enable features like in-app push messages, email and text notifications to be implemented fast.
  • Regional intelligence: WealthOS’s single code base can be deployed globally with localised features (e.g. data residency and management, currency, regional tax wrappers), providing a consistent technology and operational experience as you use the same platform to export your proposition from one market to another.
I’m delighted that we at WealthOS have partnered with NayaOne to introduce our cloud-native core wealth platform to top-tier institutions around the world. Together, we hope to get one step closer to WealthOS’s mission of enabling equitable financial access to everyone, everywhere. We also strongly support NayaOne’s mission to enable digital transformation through Bank Fintech partnerships to drive meaningful digital transformation through its Digital Transformation Platform.
Anton Padmasiri
CEO/Co-Founder, WealthOS
We are delighted to witness the launch of WealthOS on the NayaOne marketplace. The REST APIs, no-code integrations, and robust infrastructure will enable financial institutions to unlock new possibilities and wealth management solutions.
Oli platt
Oli Platt
Product and Marketplace Manager, NayaOne
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WealthOS is a cloud-native wealth operating system that provides future-proof, frictionless infrastructure to build the next generation of digital wealth management products three times faster and 40% cheaper. As a minority-founded business, we firmly believe in building digital infrastructure that enables equitable financial access for everyone, everywhere.

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