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Amrit Satpathy

Ecosystem Manager

Welcome untied to the NayaOne Marketplace. untied APIs tax-related APIs are now available for financial institutions to discover and evaluate through NayaOne’s Digital Transformation Platform.
This provides access to synthetic data, tech marketplace and a digital sandbox to discover, evaluate and scale third party technologies to production with a clear vendor evaluation process.
Banks report that taxes are the number one requested feature from small businesses.
Through NayaOne, financial institutions will be able to explore untied’s tools which allow them to embed personal tax capability into their own offering. They include APIs for tax calculations and filing – including Making Tax Digital for Income Tax capability. This is not just for the self-employed. 12m individuals file a tax return. Each year around a million new bank customers need to file a tax return for the first time – not just self-employed but also property landlords, higher earners and many middle-income parents receiving child benefit. Almost all the data to complete their tax filings is in their bank records – untied’s APIs make this possible.
untied has experience of working with financial institutions. Barclays, Virgin Money and Triodos trust untied to offer tax capability to their customers.
untied delivers all this – with a choice of APIs and front-end capability which can be connected to or embedded into other services.

Some of the benefits of working with untied are:

  • Flexible deployment using modern APIs from fully headless to front end.
  • Financial institutions don’t need tax subject matter expertise, and there are handoffs for filings based on the bank’s focus and risk profile.
  • Designed to be future proof for future HMRC developments (for instance untied provides modern APIs for filing, whereas HMRC requires XML).
  • Further APIs available according to need.
We are delighted to be offering tax capability through NayaOne’s Digital Transformation Platform. In talking to banks and financial institutions, we are excited by the desire to be experimenting with tax capability, and the marketplace makes this available in a more accessible way, and we’re looking forward to working closely to create new experiences for their customers. We support NayaOne’s mission for bank-fintech partnerships to drive innovation and digital transformation.
Kevin Sefton, untied
Kevin Sefton
CEO, untied
untied's inclusion in our marketplace signifies a significant step towards enabling financial institutions to offer innovative tax products.
Oli platt
Oli Platt
Product and Marketplace Manager, NayaOne
untied logo
untied sits at the intersection of tax, technology and financial services. untied has been a tax technology innovator since 2018, the first tax product in the FCA sandbox, and supported the first end to end personal tax return compiled and filed on a mobile app using open banking.
Much of the API capability was developed as part of a BCR-backed initiative with Fractal Labs. untied was one of the first software products recognised by HMRC for MTD for Income Tax since 2020. Partners include banks, earning platforms such as Deliveroo and Just Eat. untied also offers APIs to other accounting software developers.

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