Sikoia Joins The NayaOne Marketplace

Sikoia Joins the NayaOne Marketplace
Sikoia has joined the NayaOne Tech Marketplace. The London-based Fintech helps financial services providers automate part of their customer onboarding and verification process. The partnership provides financial institutions direct access to Sikoia’s new AI-powered Document Insights solution through NayaOne’s platform.
We are thrilled to partner with NayaOne and leverage their neutral testing environment as we roll-out our new solution for financial institutions: AI-powered processing of customer application documents. This collaboration makes it easier for potential clients to test our platform, guaranteeing that we deliver optimal value right from the start.
Alexis Rog CEO, Sikoia
Alexis Rog
CEO, Sikoia
We’re excited to welcome Sikoia to the NayaOne Tech Marketplace. Customer onboarding processes can not only be resource-intensive and time-consuming, but also turn down potential clients. Sikoia’s Customer Verification Platform allows financial organisations cut onboarding costs, while mitigating risks and boosting productivity.
Varun Resh
Marketplace Manager, NayaOne
While significant progress has been made in retrieving and validating customer data automatically for initial Decisions in Principle (DIP), a notable bottleneck and friction persists in subsequent stages: the verification of data in customer-supplied documents.
In a mortgage context for example, every lender requires customers to submit bank statements, payslips and tax returns which necessitate manual reviews, labour-intensive data entries, and often extensive communication loops with clients. This not only exposes lenders to operational risks but also represents a missed opportunity to embrace a more automated approach and deliver a better customer experience.
Sikoia addresses this challenge with its unique Customer Verification Platform, leveraging technology to generate automated insights and customer verification checks, directly from third party vendors or from customer supplied documents. Catering to both fintech’s and established financial institutions Sikoia enables significant operational efficiency gains alongside notable enhancements in customer experience through streamlined application processes and reduced turnaround times.

Sikoia’s AI-Powered Document Insights solution helps financial institutions:

The partnership between Sikoia and NayaOne represents a shared vision dedicated to driving positive change and fostering a dynamic ecosystem for financial institutions and fintechs, facilitating the acceleration of digital transformation and innovation in the UK’s financial services industry.

Sikoia Helps Cross-Border Payments Provider Streamline Customer Onboarding and Verification Checks

Sikoia has helped cross-border payments provider Verto improve its onboarding evaluations and enhance its customer experience. With Sikoia, Verto has been able to integrate essential data and capabilities for robust KYC/KYB assessments, while preserving unparalleled user experience.
As a trusted, neutral environment for testing innovative technologies, NayaOne’s Digital Sandbox will enable Sikoia to rigorously vet and refine its solutions before bringing them to market.
Sikoia logo
Sikoia is a London-based fintech that helps financial services providers automate key parts of their customer verification processes. Designed to streamline the customer verification process, Sikoia offers centralised access to organised customer data and generates automated insights that simplify the onboarding experience.
Sikoia’s solutions are built for seamless integration into existing systems via API, or for direct use through its straightforward, ready-to-use Customer Evaluation Dashboard.
Currently, Sikoia serves fintechs and large established institutions in more than three countries. It is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Account Information Service Provider (AISP) and Credit Reference Provider and is backed by leading institutional investors.

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