Giift Joins the NayaOne Tech Marketplace

Giift joins the nayaone marketplace
Giift, an innovative loyalty and rewards solution provider, has joined the NayaOne Tech Marketplace to support NayaOne’s mission of fostering bank-fintech partnerships and enabling innovation. Their comprehensive loyalty infrastructure helps banks and financial institutions drive growth, loyalty, and engagement through personalised, timely rewards and experiences.
We are thrilled to partner with NayaOne to bring cutting-edge loyalty solutions to financial institutions. This collaboration combines Giift's expertise in customer engagement with NayaOne's innovative Sandbox as a Service, creating a unified and secure environment for banks to test new technologies without risking their existing infrastructure or customer data. By leveraging NayaOne's vetted tech marketplace and rapid prototyping capabilities, we can significantly reduce the time from concept to deployment.
Sumit Uttamchandani
Head of Strategic Partnerships, Giift.
We're excited to welcome Giift to the NayaOne Technology Marketplace. Megabanks and neobanks have raised the bar in the financial services sector. As a result, customers' increasing demand for loyalty and rewards is pushing traditional institutions to rapidly adapt and integrate advanced technologies.
Varun Resh
Marketplace Manager, NayaOne

Giift solutions for banks and financial institutions:

Benefits include increased customer engagement, enhanced retention, scalability, extensive analytics, and seamless integration with existing systems. These features enable banks to enhance customer lifetime value, automate retention processes, corporate innovation, and stay competitive in the evolving financial landscape.

Giift's partnership with NayaOne brings several key benefits to the market, as tech provider:

Giift has successfully implemented loyalty solutions for notable clients such as Qatar Islamic Bank, Commercial Bank of Qatar, Bank of Maldives, Bank Mandiri, and Access Bank. These implementations have resulted in enhanced customer engagement, increased retention, and higher transaction volumes.
NayaOne’s Digital Sandbox: One platform to accelerate your innovation. From discovering to evaluating fintechs, rapidly testing multiple proofs-of-concepts to building and scaling products in a secure, air-gapped testing environment, NayaOne’s Digital Sandbox eliminates the need for traditional procurement and TPRM processes. Our platform simplifies and speeds up bank-fintech partnerships, enabling faster innovation and shorter product development cycles.
Enterprises have access to synthetic datasets, tech marketplace, and a digital sandbox, allowing them to scale third-party technologies to production, as well as to build functional proofs-of-concepts in 6-9 weeks rather than 9-12 months without onboarding the fintech. Request a demo today to experience the power of NayaOne’s Digital Sandbox.


By joining the NayaOne Tech Marketplace, Giift is set to revolutionise how financial institutions approach loyalty and engagement. This collaboration enables banks to enhance customer relationships, achieve loyalty goals with sandbox platform access, drive significant business growth in a competitive landscape, and support various use cases such as embedded finance and customer loyalty.
Giift is a global leader in innovative loyalty and reward solutions designed to help banks drive growth, loyalty, and engagement. Its flagship product, LBMS, is an end-to-end loyalty infrastructure to help businesses acquire new customers, build lasting relationships, and strengthen brand loyalty. With 3,000+ customers across the globe with 65 million end users in 55 countries, Giift leverages cutting-edge technology and extensive global experience to deliver unparalleled loyalty solutions. Its platforms empower banks to customise their products in ways that deeply resonate with their customers, facilitating a seamless and engaging loyalty exchteange. Giift’s solutions enable banks to offer personalised, timely rewards and experiences, significantly influencing customer behavior and enhancing brand interactions. By integrating robust analytics and user-friendly interfaces, Giift’s platforms provide valuable insights into customer preferences, ensuring continuous improvement and exceptional customer satisfaction.

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