Speed to market for tech providers with fintech partnerships and digital twin

NayaOne offers a comprehensive marketplace that connects vendors of technological solutions with a multitude of banking and finance sector clients for rapid growth and fostering fruitful collaborations.
Discover how to achieve rapid growth and strong lucrative partnerships with banks and financial institutions with NayaOne.


pre-integrated APIs


fintechs and enterprise clients on the marketplace


pre-integrated public and private datasets

How can tech providers benefit from the NayaOne platform?


Accelerate development

Use our state-of-the-art digital twin to build and test products.
Our datasets are continually enhanced; they hold 10% of the UK’s Ecosystem and are stitched with 200+ alternative data sources.


Compliance and stability

Partner with other fintechs using our proven Fintech-as-a-Service.
Connect one tool to many and seamlessly augment functionalities and capabilities to deliver a more complete and impactful solution.


Gain the right exposure

Get unmatched distribution through NayaOne’s cutting-edge platform.
List your tech offerings on NayaOne’s enterprise sandpit and get the ideal exposure to 350+ financial services organisations.

Interested in learning more about effortlessly boosting outcomes by closely collaborating with the ideal banks and financial institutions through NayaOne? Get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements.

UK Digital Sandbox

Why must tech vendors get on board?

Expose your capability to the 100+ financial services firms that use our platform and products

Get analytics on usage in real-time for informed decision-making based on key metrics and figures

Access qualified leads from the get-go to maximise reach, growth and revenue for tech providers

What does onboarding your API entail?

NayaOne ensures only the best quality APIs are featured. Here’s what the onboarding process entails:

API key and documentation

Lite due diligence

Performance testing

Vendor evaluation

Ready to collaborate with fantastic financial service organisations?

NayaOne’s pioneering marketplace opens doors for tech providers to access new opportunities, ensuring bountiful and long-lasting collaborations for long-lasting partnerships that bring success.