Finli Joins the NayaOne Tech Marketplace

Finli Joins the NayaOne Tech Marketplace
Finli has joined the NayaOne Tech Marketplace. It provides financial institutions with the tools necessary to increase their competitive advantage and satisfy and retain their small business clients.
Finli is proud to help bankers compete in today's landscape full of innovative digital solutions. We're seeing consumers shift away from BAAS and neobank models, and towards more trusted relationships with traditional institutions who offer competitive tools. Through our partnership with NayaOne, we're excited to connect with new financial institutions and deepen our commitment to innovation in this space.
Lori Shao
Lori Shao
Founder & CEO, Finli
We're thrilled to welcome Finli to the NayaOne Technology Marketplace. Megabanks and neobanks have raised the bar in the financial services sector. Therefore, customers' increasing demand for modern, efficient, and personalised services is pushing traditional institutions to adapt and integrate advanced technologies rapidly.
Varun Resh
Marketplace Manager, NayaOne
Competition from neobanks and megabanks in the financial services industry is on the rise. As a result, community banks, credit unions, Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs), and Community Development Financial Institutions Funds (CDFIs) are struggling to retain customers and grow deposits.
Through Finli’s digital solutions, financial institutions have a direct path to:

One-Stop-Shop to Compete with Neobanks and Megabanks

Finli allows financial institutions to differentiate their product offering and truly compete on a 1:1 level with neobanks and larger institutions. Finli supports its customers with a range of tools to serve their small business clients. This includes:
The teams of Finli’s financial institution partners have access to the Finli Partner Portal. In it, they can view reporting and gain insights about their small business customers. Partners can leverage this data to make more intelligent lending decisions, identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities, and deepen customer relationships.
All the solutions are white-label and banking-system agnostic. Finli has active integrations with Q2, Jack Henry, MEA Financial, Constellation, and other Core and Digital Online Solutions. These integrations allow financial institutions to implement Finli’s in as little as a few hours.
Finli is excited about the partnership with NayaOne. It aims to strengthen its relationships within the banking ecosystem, connect with new partners, receive feedback on its solutions, and ultimately deliver new, innovative solutions to its customers.
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Finli is a financial services company that specialises in digital tools, payments, and small businesses. It empowers Financial Institutions to deliver exceptional customer experiences to their small business clients. Through a full suite of branded digital back-office solutions, financial institutions can more effectively compete for deposits and strengthen their stickiest relationships.

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