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EyesClear Marketplace Announcement
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Ambar Vitelli-Khosla

Strategic Partnerships

EyesClear has joined the NayaOne Marketplace, making EyesClear’s analytics platform accessible to a diverse range of institutions. It will benefit firms looking for executive, risk and strategic intelligence to support their growth.
Finance managers are under constant pressure to deliver better returns at lower costs whilst coping up with regulatory requirements and challenging market conditions. EyesClear assists the finance industry in overcoming these and other pain points with its real-time, flexible analytics/reporting/alerting platform specifically created for the finance industry with features to support current and upcoming needs. With access to EyesClear’s platform, banks can achieve between 1% – 3% efficiencies on their overall cost base and over 50% on their critical projects when used efficiently. EyesClear enables organisations to be in control of their strategic timelines and address upcoming regulatory or industry needs. EyesClear is now available for evaluation in the NayaOne Digital Sandbox.
By imparting the much-needed reporting/alerting/dashboarding capabilities to the finance industry, EyesClear enables firms to prioritise among competing challenges. The platform has 100s of pre-made reports that work with little or no modification and can handle changes in transaction structure within minutes. The platform provides easy access to critical transactions that can help organisations reduce operational costs. Being embedded with the ready-made SWIFT and ISO20022 messages processing, the platform helps reduce technology risk and improves operational resilience. EyesClear is now accessible via the NayaOne Marketplace and available to be evaluated by Financial services institutions as well as other firms.
EyesClear’s solution pools all internal transactional data and related information within an internal datalake, enabling google-like searches on internal transactional data and feeds into internal reporting systems. Enabling real-time complex reporting, real-time complex alerting on different flow profiles and real-time client and counterpart analytics from an internal database. Supporting a range of use-cases including backdating bad publicity checks on historical transactions and generating real-time risk analytics based on changing FX/Interest rates.
We are happy to be accepted into NayaOne’s Marketplace. EyesClear is already available in other marketplaces, but we believe EyesClear, with its differentiated capabilities tailored for the financial industry, has found its place - NayaOne - to accelerate adoption in the market. Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen.
Erkin Oksel
Erkin Oksel
Founder, EyesClear
It’s great to see EyesClear available on the NayaOne Marketplace to support financial institutions working towards increasing operational efficiency.
Oli platt
Oli Platt
Product and Marketplace Manager, NayaOne

We created EyesClear to support finance executives in efficiently allocating capital – while avoiding the traps and risks that online finance inherently brings. We help our clients combat fraud, compliance, and other cross-border payment risks – being the ideal partner to help international banks respond to new market or regulatory needs.

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