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eXate Marketplace Announcement
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Oli Platt

Product and Marketplace Manager

NayaOne is thrilled to announce that eXate has joined the NayaOne Marketplace, making eXate’s API and data protection solution APIgator accessible to a diverse range of institutions. It will benefit firms looking for an end-to-end solution to fully protect data flowing through their APIs.
Whilst protecting API Data is an imperative for all data providers and consumers, associated cost and time expenditures, heterogeneous systems and multiple laws and regulations, pose persistent challenges to implementation of data privacy policies. APIgator helps organisations overcome these challenges by automatically enforcing safe sharing with third parties, based on internal policies and controls on data sharing and access, consistent with evolving regulatory landscape within organisations and across geographic borders. It can find, analyse, solve and test the data flowing through APIs, thus supporting the growth of an organisation’s API programme and ensuring the data is handled consistently and predictably in every API from the outset.
eXate’s APIgator facilitates gating at a proxy level, to protect data in microservices and APIs within a few minutes, while providing significant cost and time savings. By applying the Principle of Least Privilege (PoLP), it eliminates the risk of over-distributing data and ensures only the relevant information is provided to the right people. It is scalable, efficient and transparent with how data is being used and for what purpose and conducts a complete audit on who is accessing data and who is restricted from accessing it. APIgator is now accessible via the NayaOne Marketplace and available to be evaluated in the NayaOne Digital Sandbox by Financial services institutions as well as other firms.
We're extremely happy to be partnering with the NayaOne team to bring the eXate APIgator Attribute Based Access Control platform and capabilities to the NayaOne Marketplace. And to working with NayaOne and their other partners to enhance and enable the great initiatives NayaOne are central to.
Robert Greenwood
Robert Greenwood
Chief Product Officer, eXate
We are excited to be working with eXate to support firms with end-to-end API data protection. eXate's APIgator is consistent with changing regulations across landscapes and helps support organisation’s API program by minimising data sharing risks and enhancing scalability, efficiency and transparency.
Oli platt
Oli Platt
Product and Marketplace Manager at NayaOne
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eXate is an aggregator of Privacy Enhancing Techniques focussed on consistently protecting Data in Motion (APIs and streaming), as well as Data at Rest. With fine-grained access controls, and the ability to apply the Principles of Least Privilege, eXate can automatically enforce data policies and control the flow of sensitive data within a firm and across geographic borders.
With more than 2/3rd of the world’s population being covered under data protection regulation, the demand for data privacy by consumers is at an all-time high. 87% of consumers have indicated that they will not do business with a company who does not protect their personal data. As a result, 94% of companies now share privacy metrics with their Boards, and it is getting exponentially harder for organisations to stay on top of current data privacy demands.
Securing data is hard. eXate makes it easy.

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