Asignio Joins The NayaOne Marketplace

Asignio Joins The NayaOne Marketplace
Asignio, a dual biometric authentication solutions provider, has joined the NayaOne Tech Marketplace. Its innovative multi-modal authentication method combines handwriting and facial recognition, offering unparalleled security and a superior user experience.
Hackers and fraudsters target the human element of authentication, recognising passwords as the Achilles' heel. Asignio disrupts this vulnerability with a revolutionary dual biometric approach - handwriting and selfie authentication captured simultaneously. Unlike traditional methods, Asignio ensures every step, from initial device setup and user enrollment to step-up authentication and account recovery, is fortified without relying on passwords. We're thrilled to provide NayaOne partners with a robust solution that not only thwarts cyber threats but also elevates the authentication experience for both customers and employees. 
Kyle Rutherford 
Kyle Rutherford 
CEO, Asignio
We’re delighted to welcome Asignio to the NayaOne Tech Marketplace. As financial fraud rates are on the rise, this puts additional pressure on banks and financial institutions, increasing costs and posing reputational and compliance risks. Asignio’s cutting-edge solutions and commitment to continuous innovation offer banks and financial institutions a straightforward means of ensuring security and improved user experience.
Varun Resh
Marketplace Manager, NayaOne
Handwriting authentication is unique. It incorporates a “something you know” secret factor that sets Asignio’s solutions apart from other biometrics. Unlike publicly accessible selfies, voice recordings, or fingerprints, handwritten characters are known only to the user, providing an extra layer of security.
Asignio’s technology is designed to resist threats like deepfakes, phishing, and replay attacks, ensuring the safety of financial transactions. Additionally, an Asignio Sign can be easily changed if compromised. This offers adaptability and lifetime security which is not available with traditional biometrics.
Asignio requires no special hardware, sensors, or apps. Thus, it is scalable and easy to use on any web-enabled device. The intuitive nature of endorsing with Asignio makes for a seamless and hassle-free authentication experience for users, while retaining all the flexibility offered by passwords.

How Banks and Financial Institutions Can Benefit from Asignio’s Solutions

Asignio is thrilled to partner with NayaOne, a move that brings Its cutting-edge biometric authentication to NayaOne’s innovative Digital Sandbox. This collaboration empowers financial institutions with a dynamic defence against fraud, combining ease-of-use with unmatched security.
By tapping into NayaOne’s fintech ecosystem, Asignio is setting a new standard for multi-factor authentication. The company’s long-term vision is a future where seamless security is a standard, not an exception. Therefore, Asignio’s partnership with NayaOne marks a major step forward in its mission to redefine digital authentication throughout the financial sector and create a safer, more secure digital landscape for everyone.
Asignio is committed to continuous innovation and collaboration to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats, ensuring that financial institutions and their customers can navigate the digital world with confidence.
Asignio is a multi-biometric authentication company focusing on consumer identity and security. With a mission to deliver highly secure and user-friendly authentication solutions for onboarding, account access, step-up security and account recovery, Asignio’s platform utilises synchronised handwriting and facial biometrics to fight phishing and hacking with secure sign-in. By removing passwords from the equation, Asignio delivers a highly secure authentication process without the user experience issues that come from other high-security options, making it easier for people to be less of a security risk for their organisation.

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