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Ambar Vitelli-Khosla

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NayaOne is thrilled to announce that Tisane has joined the NayaOne Marketplace, making Tisane’s text analytics API to detect cyber abuse and more, accessible to a diverse range of institutions. The platform is available for evaluation in the NayaOne sandbox. It will benefit firms looking to safeguard communities from cyber bullying and meet their lawtech and regtech needs.
Tisane’s AI powered text analytics detects problematic content such as cyberbullying, hate speech, sexual advances, obfuscated profanities, suicidal thoughts, criminal activity, and more. The API, built to understand and analyse text in 30 different languages from Europe, Asia and the Middle East, is capable of extracting noun phrases, verb phrases, splitting sentences, tokenising Chinese, Japanese, Thai text, decompounding German, Dutch, Norwegian words, and much more. The Language Model API can be used to extract topics, named entities, compare components of a name and validate that the name is real. It can also detect aspect-based sentiment for consumer goods and services. Tisane’s API is now accessible via the NayaOne Marketplace and is available to be evaluated by financial institutions, as well as other tech firms.
We are excited to join the growing NayaOne ecosystem. We know from experience that red tape is No. 1 obstacle for financial institutions to deploy software solutions. NayaOne is a clever way to get around the institutional constraints
Vadim Berman
Vadim Berman
CEO and co-founder, Tisane Labs
Great to have Tisane on the marketplace. Their text analytics API is a great addition for financial institutions focused on building customer facing applications and maintaining the well-being of their team.
Oliver Platt. FCA's ESG TechSprint
Oli Platt
Product and Marketplace manager at NayaOne

Tisane is NLU with a focus on abusive content & lawtech / regtech needs. We detect cyberbullying / personal attacks, hate speech, sexual advances, obfuscated profanities, criminal activity, and more. Tisane was created from the ground up for social media content: language that is likely dirty, ungrammatical, and contains jargon. 

Tisane Labs was founded in 2017 by NLP researchers Vadim Berman and Cheng Zuo. We eat, sleep, and breathe language. 

Tisane is trusted by online communities, law enforcement agencies, gaming communities, and more. 

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