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Ambar Vitelli-Khosla

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NayaOne is thrilled to announce that Surety has joined the NayaOne Marketplace, making Surety’s digital compliance services accessible to a diverse range of financial institutions. The Surety platform is available for evaluation in the NayaOne sandbox. It will benefit firms looking for effective compliance management and maintaining a suitable level of compliance on an ongoing basis.
Surety helps companies meet their regulatory obligations by converting regulations into specific, control-based requirements that can be evidenced. Surety speeds up the compliance lifecycle by enabling companies to manage regulatory documents in one place, reducing the reliance on manual processes and disconnected tools. It links regulations to controls across multiple jurisdictions, providing an automatic roadmap towards achieving compliance. This digital compliance platform is now accessible via the NayaOne Marketplace and is available to be evaluated by financial institutions, as well as other tech firms.
Regulation is a fact of life within the financial services. Whether it’s related to capital, liquidity, data, sustainability or cryptoassets, the volume of regulation continues to rise around the world. Due to the heavy regulatory load placed on financial institutions, Surety has developed a cloud-based, AI-driven, regtech platform to analyse, report and eventually comply with their regulatory requirements irrespective of jurisdiction or sector. We are thrilled with this partnership and launch within the NayaOne ecosystem which allows us to provide much-needed regulatory products to underserved financial institutions.
Randeep Buttar, founder, Surety
Randeep Buttar
Founder of Surety
We are delighted to have Surety’s solution available on our marketplace to help financial institutions manage and maintain regulatory compliance across all jurisdictions and sectors. A great addition to our compliance usecase!
Oliver Platt. FCA's ESG TechSprint
Oli Platt
Product and Marketplace manager at NayaOne

Surety is a highly configurable platform designed with the compliance team, C-suite and supervisors in mind. It addresses the key challenges associated with delivering compliance and staying compliant. Surety aims to reduce the rising cost of compliance for both financial institutions and supervisors. It enables financial institutions to refocus efforts on business development and growth; and enables supervisors to streamline and enhance their oversight capabilities.

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