Sardine Joins The NayaOne Marketplace

sardine joins the nayaone marketplace
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Amrit Satpathy

Ecosystem Manager

We are thrilled to have Sardine as a part of the NayaOne Marketplace. Sardine’s fraud detection and AML compliance platform solutions are now accessible to a range of financial institutions to discover and evaluate through NayaOne’s Sandbox-as-a-Service platform.
Sardine’s solutions help financial institutions manage real-time risk with cutting-edge machine learning and AI technology. Its proprietary device intelligence and behavioural biometrics can risk-assess transactions and enhance critical compliance data instantly. Sardine can be used for payment fraud detection, onboarding (KYC, KYB, and BSA/ AML), transaction monitoring, and various other use cases across risk management.
Gain digital differentiation versus community and regional banks and maintain parity with large banks that have launched similar features to support their corporate innovation strategies.

Sardine’s Solutions

Some of the solutions offered by Sardine include:
  • Device and Behaviour Biometrics: Always-on deep device intelligence and behavioural biometric signals for every customer touchpoint to catch fake account creation, account takeovers, credential stuffing, and device obfuscation.
  • Scam Detection: Modern threat detection for social engineering scams and AI-based attacks. Sardine can identify when malicious tools like Remote Access Trojans (RATs), mobile emulators, and virtual machines are being used during a session.
  • Real-time Risk Scores: Sardine includes real-time risk scoring functionality. For every user interaction, Sardine captures and evaluates up to 4,000 fraud signals in real -time to predict the likelihood of fraud.
  • Fraud and Compliance Platform: Centralise fraud detection, onboarding, transaction monitoring, and case management with one solution that’s more cost effective and provides better data. The platform includes a rule editor, prebuilt rulesets with thousands of granular rules available for immediate use, and a GenAI copilot to assist with investigations, case review, disputes, and SAR/UAR filings.
  • Portfolio Management: Sponsor banks and merchant acquirers can manage their portfolio of fintechs and processors for better control and risk oversight. This includes the ability to enforce KYC and transaction monitoring policies, configure rules, set up granular roles, and access analytics for child accounts.

Client Case Study: A Business Banking Service Reduced Manual Application Reviews from 60% to 25%

Sardine has proven results with 250+ customers, including 7x more fraud detected with 2x fewer false positives. Notable customers include Stearns Bank, Ramp, Brex, Modern Treasury, Treasury Prime, Raise, IDT Finance, and Bangor Savings Bank. Meanwhile, notable investors include Andreessen Horowitz, Visa, FIS, Experian, Google Ventures, ING, and the National Bank of Canada. Sardine helps teams maximise automation opportunities. For example, a business banking service reduced manual reviews of new account applications from ~60% to ~25%. They have also helped a gift card marketplace reduce manual reviews of transactions from ~20% to 10% in just a few short months of working together.
We’re excited to work with NayaOne to help banks and other financial institutions stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated fraud and money-laundering vectors with our technology. Through this partnership, NayaOne’s users can quickly learn about Sardine and validate whether we can help with their needs and use cases through their integrated Sandbox-as-a-Service. We also support NayaOne’s mission for bank-fintech partnerships to drive innovation and digital transformation with our solution.
Soups Ranjan
Co-founder and CEO, Sardine
Excited to welcome Sardine to the NayaOne marketplace. Sardine supports banks and other financial institutions in their operations, managing real-time risk with its machine learning and AI technology. Now, their solution is accessible to a broader range of financial institutions for discovery and evaluation via NayaOne.
Oli platt
Oli Platt
Product and Marketplace Manager, NayaOne logo
Sardine is a leader in financial crime prevention. Using unparalleled device intelligence and behavioural biometrics, Sardine applies machine learning to detect and stop fraud before it happens. The platform includes tools for identity verification, fraud prevention and investigation, AML monitoring, and case management. Over 250 companies use Sardine to prevent fake account creation, social engineering scams, account takeovers, bot attacks, payment fraud, and money laundering.

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