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Nucleus Finance CapTech announcement
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Amrit Satpathy

Ecosystem Manager

Welcome! Nucleus Finance is now available on the NayaOne Marketplace, making its API-native financial asset lifecycle management, workflow automation, and near real-time cash flow reporting tools accessible to a range of capital markets institutions to discover and evaluate through NayaOne’s Digital Transformation Platform.
NayaOne provides institutions access to synthetic data, tech marketplace and a digital sandbox to discover, evaluate and scale third party technologies to production. Nucleus Finance solution’s API based solutions will enable institutions to help capital markets participants with enabling them to explore new efficiency gains from automating financial asset lifecycle management.
Nucleus Finance offers financial institutions and capital providers a set of lifecycle management and analytics tools for issuing, tokensing, and securitising algorithmically standardised Smart Financial Contracts Nucleus integrates into core banking and loan management systems, providing SME borrowers and lenders real-time balance sheets, advanced risk management, asset price discovery, and liquidity forecasting. Nucleus Finance’s API-native microservices based architecture, ensures seamless interoperability with legacy systems, reducing overhead and reconciliation costs.
Case Study – Multibillion-Dollar Vehicle Leasing Company (“Customer”)
Nucleus Finance Product Mix: “SolitX” Lifecycle Management of financial contracts from issuance to tokenisation and securitisation. “AnalytX”: Real-time cash flow analytics, risk management, and accounting enabling continuous auditing and price discovery.

Integrated Solution:

Structuring: Lease contract payment logic mapped into machine-executable, algorithmic contract type, enabling automated and deterministic calculation of interest (including variable rate) and principal payments until maturity

Tokenisation: Lease issued on chain in dual token form, one representing lessee’s cash flow obligations (liability token) and the other the lessor’s claim on cash flows (asset token).

Smart Financial Contract (SFC): The lease contracts machine-executable, deterministic cash flow logic is embedded metadata of its corresponding asset and liability tokens.

Straight through processing (STP): in operational workflows via interface with core banking and transaction processing systems.

Updateable Smart Contracts: Cash flows between counterparties recorded on chain while asset and liability tokens updated to reflect current balances until contract maturity.

Customer Benefit: Reduction of overhead, redundancy, and reconciliation costs. Increased incremental revenue by reconfiguring leasing contract calculations. Expanded product and pricing flexibility to better serve vehicle leasing customers. Enhanced tokenised asset tradability and management, quick stress tests, and future-proof regulatory compliance. Forward-looking Customer Benefit Positioned Customer’s portfolio of leasing contracts for access to wider capital markets thanks to portfolio structuring flexibility, seamless asset interoperability, and automated securitisation.

Nucleus Finance solutions include:
  • SolitX Lifecycle Management Platform: built on a lightweight, API-native, microservices architecture, integrates with core banking, transaction processing, and loan/lease management systems for automated straight through processing, and machine-auditability reducing overhead, redundancy, and reconciliation costs.
  • AnalytX: Financial Intelligence Layer: Smart Financial Contracts (SFC) enable real-time balance sheet, liquidity forecasting, and enhanced risk management, including portfolio stress testing for market risk (including interest rate and yield curve variability), counterparty credit, and behavioural data.
Thanks to our partnership with NayaOne, customers can test drive our financial contract lifecycle management and workflow automation solutions across asset issuance, tokenisation, distribution, and servicing. Leveraging NayaOne’s digital transformation platform with access to digital sandbox environments, a wide range of organisations can test our solutions, according to their specific requirements, while reducing their time, cost, and risk of innovation.
Peter Lyons
Head of Partnerships, Nucleus Finance
We are delighted to welcome Nucleus Finance to the NayaOne marketplace! As a leading capital markets technology solution provider, Nucleus Finance empowers financial institutions by automating complicated, time consuming, and costly capital markets workflows. Leveraging open source algorithmic contract and web-assembly powered DLT.
Oli platt
Oli Platt
Product and Marketplace Manager, NayaOne
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Nucleus Finance provides financial asset issuers, investors, and servicers with a one-stop tokenisation and securitisation lifecycle management solution enabling the issuance, tokenisation, trading, and atomic settlement of cash flows between counterparties. Nucleus Finance leverages the open-source ACTUS standard to express cash flow obligations between counterparties algorithmically, updating the associated asset and liability balances on-chain, based on live transaction data. Nucleus Finance utilises a modular, API-native, micro services architecture.

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