NayaOne delivers ESG-in-a-box

Picture of Oliver Platt

Oliver Platt

Marketplace product manager

Motivated by a shift in global policy and the race to Net-Zero NayaOne delivers ESG in-a-box. Increasing numbers of financial institutions are testing ESG based technology to pass new capabilities to their clients and to improve their internal processes. To help navigate this space two ESG value chains have been mapped with their corresponding technology firms which are located on the NayaOne marketplace.

In the last 18 months, the largest 30 lenders by assets in the U.S., Canada, and Europe have all signed up to the industry-led, UN-convened Net-Zero Banking Alliance. The increase in Net-Zero pledges and sustainability-focused global policy has emphasised the importance of taking responsibility and implementing sustainable practices. With progress being made towards the adoption of the ESG initiatives such as, the European ESG Template, the UN sustainable development goals, and the SEC proposed climate disclosure rules, financial institutions will now be required to track and report against an ESG framework both externally and internally.

NayaOne has mapped two value chains complete with market-leading technology providers from the NayaOne marketplace, to help Financial Institutions navigate the ESG landscape and expand their ESG capabilities. The technology providers included are integrated and accessible through our platform complete with datasets to help you evaluate their capabilities.

This ecosystem is established in a secure environment to speed up your discovery and evaluation of ESG tech providers that can help you improve ESG posture.

Sustainable Living

The Sustainable Living value chain illustrates how financial institutions can help their customers measure their environmental impact, and encourage sustainable behavioral change through technology. Through the analysis of existing transaction and behavioral data, consumers are able to seek advice from technology providers, via their existing financial relationships. Informed by data analysis, end users are then able to improve their carbon footprint by implementing procedures such as carbon offsetting.

Investment and Risk

The second value chain, Investment and Risk determines a company’s impact on the planet while increasing the long-term financial rewards. The use of software and data aggregation enables unbiased ESG reports to be created for any given company. Analysis of these reports encourages Financial Institutions to improve their internal processes with the view to reducing ESG-based risk exposure and meeting regulatory requirements. Overall, this enables firms to make informed decisions before investing, build ESG-friendly portfolios, fulfill reporting requirements, and encourage others to follow suit.

These solution-orientated value chains, mapped with tech providers enable customers to recognize pre-vetted ClimateTech and ESG solutions that are integrated and ready for testing. These providers can be engaged to reduce risk by improving internal processes or delivering sustainable solutions to end-users, via financial services firms. NayaOne also offers an integrated innovation platform complete with synthetic ESG datasets to aid rapid experimentation, evaluation benchmarking, and launch of sustainability propositions to customers.