Finextra & NayaOne: The Future of ESGTech 2023

A Sibos Special edition

Ahead of exhibiting at Sibos, NayaOne joins Finextra to provide an expert view on how rapid experimentation, digital sandboxes and partnership can improve a bank’s ESG posture while accelerating innovation and time to market.
Featuring a stitched use case using Meniga, Climatiq, Ditch Carbon and Lune to support banking customers on their journey to Net Zero!

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While new risks emerge, so do new opportunities for financial services providers to lead technological innovation and drive positive global change. The key question at this year’s Sibos event and into 2023 will be around how success can be measured, and whether organisations that pave the way for the future of banking will be able to adapt to these new priorities and shifting geographical landscapes.

Alongside scaling forward-thinking innovations and managing risk in an uncertain world, in 2023, banks must leverage innovations such as AI, machine learning, big data and privacy enhancing technologies to deliver operational efficiencies and an enhanced service offering. Further, by utilising new initiatives such as Banking as a Service (BaaS), financial players can increase their banking footprint through networks of third-party applications, while at the same time, modernising their legacy platforms and products.

With this level of innovation to hand — in a world where financial services providers are being forced to adjust to geopolitical, regulatory, and cybersecurity risks — business models must also evolve to ensure success in uncertain times, whether it be the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change or any other global issue that the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals aim to achieve.

Driving sustainability and ethics will be pivotal in 2023. This report, featuring expert views from SWIFT, GLEIF, and NayaOne, will explore issues such as climate disclosures, ESG standardisation, greenwashing, and financial inclusion. In addition to this, key insights from the Abraham Kuyper Center, Barclays, BBVA, HSBC, and MUFG, will explore how organisations lead positive change across the globe.