DigiFi Joins The NayaOne Marketplace

DigiFi Joins The NayaOne Marketplace
Picture of Amrit Satpathy

Amrit Satpathy

Ecosystem Manager

DigiFi has joined the NayaOne Tech Marketplace. The comprehensive lending platform simplifies the entire loan origination process, seamlessly guiding applicants from submission to funding. This ensures a top-notch experience for both bank customers and financial entity teams.
Today’s customers expect an end-to-end digital lending experience. Therefore, banks and financial institutions need a modern loan origination system with advanced automation capabilities to remain competitive in the market. Bank-fintech partnerships can help them overcome the limitations of legacy systems that no longer adequately meet borrower expectations.
DigiFi’s loan origination system can be configured to the exact client’s needs, regardless of their location or the nature of the lending product they rely on. It provides added value in the following ways:
  • 100% customisable LOS using DigiFi’s no-code tools.
  • Dozens of built-in integrations to data providers.
  • Significantly lower total cost of ownership for the fintech’s clients.
DigiFi has helped both banks, credit unions, and very large non-bank lenders to digitise and automate their lending processes. DigiFi’s customer base includes leading lending businesses across many asset classes and geographical regions, from growing startups to some of the largest lenders in the world.
We're excited to partner with NayaOne and help its bank partners transform their digital lending experience. DigiFi is dedicated to empowering lenders to provide digital access to credit that impacts people's lives, and we love how NayaOne makes it easy to connect with banks that are similarly dedicated to offering the best-in-class digital customer experience. 
Joshua Jersey
Joshua Jersey
CEO, DigiFi
From green lending and sustainable finance ambitions to increased financial fraud risks, the lending landscape is no longer the same. Bank-fintech partnerships are paramount for banks and financial institutions to meet and exceed rapidly evolving borrower expectations. We’re excited to have DigiFi join the NayaOne Tech Marketplace and offer our clients cutting-edge digital lending solutions.
Oli platt
Oli Platt
Product and Marketplace Manager, NayaOne
DigiFi is an all-in-one loan origination system that streamlines the lending journey from application through funding, powering a best-in-class experience for borrowers and teams. DigiFi helps lenders break free from the limitations of inflexible legacy systems with a modern LOS that can be configured for any lending product, anywhere in the world. DigiFi-enabled lenders have processed more than $100B in loan applications.

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