Advapay Joins the NayaOne Tech Marketplace

Advapay Joins the NayaOne Tech Marketplace
Advapay has joined the NayaOne Tech Marketplace. It provides the comprehensive core banking system Macrobank and helps fintech companies to launch their businesses from scratch. With this collaboration, Advapay will contribute to NayaOne’s bank-fintech partnership mission, and support innovation.
We're delighted to announce our partnership with NayaOne and to be part of their ecosystem. By having our core banking software featured on NayaOne's marketplace, we're able to give financial institutions the opportunity to try out our platform and discover what our solutions can do for them. We're also excited to see our products actively empowering financial organisations to start their fintech businesses, develop payment infrastructure, and build banking and payment products with ease.
Maxim Ivanchenko CEO, Advapay
Maxim Ivanchenko
CEO, Advapay
We’re pleased to welcome Advapay to the NayaOne Technology Marketplace. Core banking system development can be extremely lengthy and challenging and slowed down even further with regulatory requirements. Quickly launching and adapting their services is important for fintech companies to stay competitive, capture market opportunities, respond to customer demands promptly, and generate revenue faster.
Varun Resh
Marketplace Manager, NayaOne
Any fintech company willing to launch payment or e-wallet services needs to have a reliable core banking system that meets all business and regulatory requirements.
Developing own functional core banking system may take years, whereas opting for a ready and proven core banking system like Macrobank can meet these needs significantly faster.
Moreover, product development does not simply end after a core banking system is implemented and goes live. Business development is an ongoing process. Therefore, the right core banking system must not only support existing requirements but also be sufficiently flexible to adapt to future needs.
Advapay’s core banking Platform, Macrobank, is a highly functional and customisable solution that comprises an engine, financial accounting module, integration hub, back-office interface, and white-label end-user web and mobile banking apps. The solution fully addresses these challenges and is able to meet future business needs and regulatory requirements.

Benefits and Key Features that Advapay Offers Financial Institutions

Advapay’s Macrobank core banking solution helps financial institutions achieve the following:

NayaOne’s Digital Sandbox: One platform to accelerate your innovation. From discovering to evaluating fintechs, rapidly testing multiple proofs-of-concepts to building and scaling products in a secure, air-gapped testing environment, NayaOne’s Digital Sandbox eliminates the need for traditional procurement and TPRM processes. Our platform simplifies and speeds up bank-fintech partnerships, enabling faster innovation and shorter product development cycles.
Enterprises have access to synthetic datasets, tech marketplace, and a digital sandbox, allowing them to scale third-party technologies to production, as well as to build functional proofs-of-concepts in 6-9 weeks rather than 9-12 months without onboarding the fintech. Request a demo today to experience the power of NayaOne’s Digital Sandbox.
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Advapay is the provider of a Core Banking platform Macrobank for fintech companies. With a headquarter in Estonia and a regional presence in the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Serbia and Canada, Advapay serves financial services companies across the UK and EEA, Middle East, Africa and Canada. Macrobank by Advapay is a front-to-back Core Banking software solution encompassing an engine, API, web and mobile interfaces, and back-end infrastructure equipped with all essential banking and payment functionalities.  
Macrobank by Advapay is a front-to-back Core Banking software solution encompassing an engine, API, web and mobile interfaces, and back-end infrastructure equipped with all essential banking and payment functionalities.
Besides the Core Banking platform, the company provides licensing and fintech consulting services, including assistance in building payment infrastructure.

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