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Ambar Vitelli-Khosla

Strategic Partnerships

NayaOne is thrilled to announce that Urgentem has been onboarded onto the NayaOne Tech Marketplace, making them accessible to a diverse range of financial institutions looking to work with fintechs and datasets to accelerate their business transformation through the use of the NayaOne Sandpit — Digital Sandbox.

We are excited to be working with Urgentem whose Climate risk analysis solutions are a great addition to our ESG use case, which is front of mind for many corporations. Urgentem’s datasets can be engaged to shape climate investment strategies, risk management, stress testing, regulatory reporting, and reducing climate risk exposure through corporate engagement.

ESG responsibility is becoming increasingly prevalent across financial services firms — both due to regulatory requirements and social responsibility. For firms that seek to reduce climate risk Urgentem’s Element 6 platform, underpinned by their easy-to-use data, is now integrated and available for evaluation via the NayaOne Marketplace.

We are excited to be working with NayaOne to make Urgentem’s climate data and analytics available to NayaOne’s customers. Our data and climate solutions can help financial institutions identify, measure, and manage climate risks, essential for meeting increasing regulatory requirements and achieving climate targets and ambitions. Our work with banks on climate stress testing is an example of how Urgenetm’s data and climate risk experience is being utilised by the financial industry.
Cyril Okoroigwe
CEO at Urgentem
We are incredibly excited to have Urgentem’s data integrated and available for testing to help banks improve their climate risk analysis on any given portfolio. It is also amazing to be able to help large financial institutions increase their capability to undergo stress testing of financial and economic shocks stemming from climate risk by using the Urgentem solution
Oliver Platt. FCA's ESG TechSprint
Oli Platt
Product and Marketplace manager at NayaOne
Urgentem’s mission is to empower the financial sector to play a leadership role in the transition to a sustainable low carbon economy by providing climate risk data, analytical tools, investment services, and products that are science aligned, transparent and collaborative.

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