Smart Data Foundry Partners with NayaOne to Drive Financial Innovation 

Smart Data Foundry Patners with NayaOne to Drive Financial Innovation
NayaOne, the global Digital Transformation Platform and Digital Sandbox provider, has joined forces with Smart Data Foundry, a leading AI-simulated Synthetic Data provider, in a strategic partnership aiming to drive digital transformation within the financial services sector. Through the integration of Smart Data Foundry’s aizle synthetic data sets into the NayaOne Digital Sandbox, this collaboration seeks to unlock new possibilities for accessing data within a safe and secure environment designed to support and drive financial innovation.
NayaOne Digital Sandbox provides secure access to Smart Data Foundry revolutionary aizle® platform, empowering users with controlled access to synthetic data sets alongside robust data interrogation tools. This initiative enables cloud deployment of APIs, supporting customer data calls while maintaining control over sensitive information. The result is an acceleration of innovation and a reduction in regulatory risk, while maintaining security of sensitive data assets.
The alliance between NayaOne and Smart Data Foundry seeks to unlock the full potential of financial data securely. Their shared vision is dedicated to driving positive change and fostering a dynamic ecosystem for financial institutions and fintechs, facilitating the acceleration of digital transformation and innovation in the financial services industry.
The integration of aizle's AI-simulated synthetic data into the NayaOne Digital Sandbox is a game-changer for safe collaboration. Together, Smart Data Foundry and NayaOne are forging a path towards a future where innovation is not hindered by data privacy concerns, but rather fueled by data-driven insights and collaborative innovation.
Bryn Coulthard
Chief Product & Technology Officer, Smart Data Foundry
I’m delighted to combine the strengths of Smart Data Foundry’s industry leading synthetic data with the security and versatility of NayaOne’s platform. Together we can help drive innovation across the financial services ecosystem.
Karan Jain
CEO, NayaOne

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