Ambee Joins The NayaOne Marketplace

Picture of Rachelle Palmer

Rachelle Palmer

Growth and Innovations Manager

NayaOne are excited to announce that Ambee are the latest fintech to onboard onto the Marketplace, where through the use of APIs, their real-time data product is accessible to platform users. We are thrilled about working with an Indian-based climate focused organisation, that provides data-driven insights on environmental factors, bringing ESG solutions into our Tech Marketplace.

Environmental and climate data will become indispensable for every company in the world over the next two decades, and we believe that our association with NayaOne will ensure that those building for a resilient future get access to the best data with which they can build their products.
Jaideep Singh Bachher
CEO, Ambee
Offering platform users access to diverse international data on pressing issues, such as climate change, is essential to NayaOne’s mission in supporting the development of solutions that directly impact the end-customer. As Ambee aligns with sentiment, we are pleased to welcome them to the ever expanding Fintech Marketplace.
Karan Jain
CEO, NayaOne

About Ambee

Ambee builds hyperlocal climate data and intelligence in real-time for every point across the world. Using proprietary data science, Ambee provides location-specific, real-time data and actionable insights on air quality, weather, pollen, and other environmental factors. Ambee was founded on an ideal of democratizing access to environmental data and tools to enable a better and healthier living experience for all beings.

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