NayaOne Secures $4.7M to Disrupt Financial Services with Game-Changing Sandbox Platform

LONDON, Feb. 28th 2024 – In a significant move for fintech, NayaOne announces a $4.7 million funding round led by EJF Capital, with Valley Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Valley Bank and Carthona Capital also on board. This investment is a testament to NayaOne’s growth and potential to transform financial services with its innovative sandbox-as-a-service platform.
NayaOne’s proven platform enables a radical reduction in technology adoption cycles within the finance sector. Financial institutions can now swiftly navigate the fintech landscape, fostering partnerships that were once hindered by traditional, slow-moving processes. This is particularly relevant today, as a mere 5% of banks choose to develop tech in-house, highlighting the growing reliance on external fintech innovations for strategic advancements.
The timing of NayaOne’s platform aligns perfectly with the industry’s urgent shift towards digital transformation, offering flexibility and speed for revenue growth, customer retention, or crisis recovery.
Karan Jain, CEO of NayaOne, emphasises the significance of this funding round, it’s a nod to the opportunity and magnitude of the challenge we’re tackling in financial services:
It’s about more than just growth; it’s about setting the pace in a sector that’s fundamentally rethinking how it evolves.
Karan Jain
CEO of NayaOne
Echoing Jain’s sentiment, EJF Ventures’ Michael Cherepnin points to the strategic inflection point: “We’re still in the early stage of a tech revolution in banking and capital markets, and NayaOne stands out as the critical infrastructure enabling the next big leap forward.”
Valley Ventures’ Managing Partner, Neal Kapur sheds light on the tangible edge NayaOne provides: “Our collaboration has dramatically streamlined how we vet fintech vendors, positioning us well ahead in the Digital Transformation and AI race.”
Dean Dorrell of Carthona Capital, reflecting on their early bet with this being their second round with NayaOne, adds, “Watching NayaOne’s journey from an early-stage hopeful to a fintech trailblazer has been nothing short of inspiring. This round is a launchpad for what’s next.”
With its latest funding, NayaOne is poised to redefine finance services. As everything moves to being digital first, NayaOne’s technology enables FIs to achieve their strategic outcomes by successfully navigating through the chaos and complexity of vendor technology.

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