Argyle Joins The NayaOne Marketplace

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Ambar Vitelli-Khosla

Strategic Partnerships

NayaOne is thrilled to announce the onboarding of Argyle to the NayaOne Fintech Marketplace, which is accessible to hundreds of financial services organisations to test Argyle’s user-consent-based platform for employment data through the Sandbox product. This relationship will help innovators access income and employment profiles and gain real-time transparency into earnings data.

As banks and financial institutions turn their eye towards fintechs to solve challenges in lending and automated direct deposit switching, it’s critical that technology evaluation processes are simultaneously thorough and swift. Argyle is excited to join the NayaOne marketplace to increase the speed at which businesses can evaluate our solutions and bring products to market.
Shmulik Fishman
CEO and founder, Argyle
Accelerating enterprise market solutions for fintechs is crucial to their current day survival. This type of digital transformation will help deliver much needed services to the consumer within a much shorter time span than traditional approaches to collaboration. NayaOne is pleased to be able to support Argyle’s mission of enabling access to products and services that will improve lives, through the use of our marketplace.
Karan Jain
CEO, NayaOne

About Argyle

Argyle is building the leading user-consent-based platform for employment data, helping people avoid situations where their personal information is sold or used without their consent or knowledge. With Argyle, any business can process income and work verifications, gain real-time transparency into earnings, as well as view and update worker profile details.

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