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Ditch Carbon Fintech Announcement
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Oli Platt

Product and Marketplace Manager

NayaOne is thrilled to announce that Ditch Carbon has joined the NayaOne Marketplace, making their Carbon calculation solution available to a diverse range of customers. The Ditch Carbon solution is a great addition to our ESG use case which is front of mind for many financial institutions.
Ditch Carbon provides carbon calculations for any company, product or activity via API. Providing customers with access to a wealth of carbon footprint data via API helps customers save time previously spent researching emissions and carbon data and accelerates the release of ESG-focused products to market.
DitchCarbon applies GHG protocol-aligned methodologies to targeted companies as well as those with a similar profile. This allows Ditch Carbon to understand, for example, what the typical carbon footprint is for a baker in France versus the UK, or the emissions for a steel maker in California versus Alabama. Once data is collected on a particular company, vertical or locale it is analysed over time, calculating past emissions as well as monitoring for changes in the future. This means a customer is able to see the trajectory of a particular company and determine if they have actually reduced their carbon emissions in line with a net zero pledge.
DitchCarbon drives climate-conscious decision-making by supporting clients in identifying the carbon intensity of a particular supplier or product. Clients, users and internal users can now optimise for carbon when making any purchase decision based on the carbon footprint of the product or the carbon intensity of the supplier they are considering.
Nayaone was the obvious choice to accelerate our conversations with finance organisations. Finance and banking have an incredible opportunity with this collaboration to drive positive climate action
Marc Munier
Marc Munier
CEO & Founder, DitchCarbon
DitchCarbon is an exciting tech provider in the ESG solution space, we can’t wait to see how our clients use this data on NayaOne Marketplace.
Oli platt
Oli Platt
Product and Marketplace Manager, NayaOne

DitchCarbon gathers and analyses the world’s carbon data to make it easier for companies, governments and individuals to make climate-conscious decisions. 

Right now, carbon data is hard to find and use, because the information is locked away in company disclosures, websites and academic papers.

DitchCarbon is collating all this information into a single platform, making it simple for companies and governments to integrate climate insight into their everyday decision making.

Our ever-growing emissions database includes over 10,000 categories, 100,000+ products and more than a million companies. And it’s designed to integrate with existing applications.

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