What is Compass?

Compass the default industry utility which quickly and simply connects banks with vendors, dramatically helping them reduce the cost and complexity associated with discovering and sourcing potential partners and customers.

In collaboration with

Key features

Rapid vendor evaluation

Identify potential vendors for your specific use case, assessing suitability and compatibility with your technology stack.

Easy RFIs

Launch informal Requests for Information to your chosen vendors, and collaborate within the platform.

Internal workspace

Curate vendor lists and keep up to date with them, communicate with other bankers both internally and externally.

Early registration

We’re looking to build Compass in direct collaboration with banks and their needs. So, we are currently running a pilot with regional and community banks, advisors from the industry, regulators and associations.
During this phase we will be working with vendors specializing in deposit growth and fraud prevention, however we’ll be looking to grow additional categories quickly.
So if you’d like to be part of the pilot as a bank or a vendor, feel free to sign up or get in touch for more information.

Get started!

Sign up today to express your interest in joining Compass. Vendors can register directly through our Supplier Portal to create a company profile. It’s quick and easy. As we expand our vendor categories, we’ll contact you to ensure your profile is ready.